Our Manifesto

Personal biometric data is currently collected and stored by individual wearable manufacturers.

As a consequence, data is only analysed with algorithms developed in house, and data from different devices do not have the ability to be integrated during analysis. This stifles innovation and limits user insights.

Personal biometric data is often sold to third parties and affiliates, with no way for users to provide detailed permissions on such commercialisation, or be rewarded for this. Personal data is at risk of being exposed through data breaches due to centralised storage.

LYNX is building the ability to combine data from multiple wearables (including traditional trackers; biosensors; and neurotech) to give users advanced insights into individual health, wellbeing and performance. Data privacy and ownership of data will be enabled through the use of decentralised technologies.

Our team of engineers, scientists, and ethicists are building a future where all human wearable data will be owned and governed by individual users; and unbound from centralised silos.

Our North Star

  1. Users can gain cutting-edge mind-body insights through the holistic analysis of data from multiple devices.

  2. Users can choose from a personalised marketplace of third parties to interact with (including specialist AI providers) for amplified insights, participation in scientific research, and tokenised rewards.

  3. No third party will ever see or own your identifiable biometric wearable data again.

Create and own your digital clone with LYNX.

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